Wednesday, October 10, 2012

therapy for mama

it was super fun to get together with girlfriends and work on this painting a few weeks ago, but it just wasn't something i loved... and, this picture:
fabric leaves on canvas
kept coming to mind that i had pinned for a future project day. there's no link to the original source from pinterest.  i tried to find it, but no luck.  i did, however, find another blogger that posted a pic of her version:
 Pinned Image 
and funny enough, she was unable to find the original source either. 
anyway, back to the therapy discussion:  canvas in hand, a few leftover bottles of craft paint, and some fun paper at a scrapbook retreat for a couple of days...
this is one of the first things i worked on while i was there.  just painted over the phone booth and went to work on this guy.
i punched a large circle out of printed paper for the center and then made a template for the petals that i loosely followed.

the pieces are all adhered with mod podge, which goes on white like this:

and then dries clear like this:

once it dried, i trimmed the pieces sticking off the edges and coated the whole thing again with mod podge - so the sheen would all be the same, plus i wanted it nice and sealed.  added a few little rhinestones to the polka dotted paper and called it done!
it's in its happy little home on my kitchen counter now.  and i love it!


  1. Very cute! I like how you took something you didn't feel wild about and turned it into something you love. :)

  2. So very cute! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. ~Danielle

  3. This is so cute and I feel like I could actually do it :) Thanks for the post!