Thursday, July 4, 2013

sunday morning

so sweet to see this in the backseat every time we get in the truck!

home! and, a birthday party -

welcome home, lil sis!

 mamaw and the kiddos got a birthday party allll ready for baby sis:

the star of the show slept right thru it all  :)

big sis helping out some more:

everyone helping out in their own ways... yep, it is hilarious what these kiddos come up with.

bright eyes for the first sponge bath at home:

 a visit from a special aunt made everyone happy...especially those of us that got donuts and a toy shopping trip out of the deal!

other pictures from our hospital stay

daddy soaking up all the sweetness he can:

 oh, and changing his first diaper this time around...  :)

big sister, even bigger helper!  she loves taking care of her baby:

 meeting ken:

all dressed to go home:

on our way!  some excited siblings are waiting!!

meeting big brother, big sister, and mamaw

big brother and big sis got lil gift bags from baby sis, and they had a couple things to give her as well: