Thursday, July 4, 2013

sunday morning

so sweet to see this in the backseat every time we get in the truck!


  1. awww...congratulations to your growing family!!!

  2. Bee yew ti ful!!!! Thanks for sharing all these photos. Love the one of Ryker looking at her toes at the hospital. And Alivia being such a little helper! Glad it went so much better for you this time! I remember feeling surprised(and pleased) that I wasn't an "invalid" after Julia. And Aidan was a comparative breeze. Notice the comparative. ;)

    Ah, she's just lovely! Love the hand-holding in the car seat; cute! Happy brand new baby days!

  3. Congrats on the new family member - love her name! It's perfect for her crafty mama. Your kids are adorable! Good days to you...Andrea

  4. OH MY WORD! I love that picture of the kids holding her hands. SOOOOOOOOOO sweet!