Friday, January 25, 2013

cruise pix

we left galveston on a cold, yucky day but spent a week on the carnival magic - and enjoyed sunshine most of the rest of the trip.
first stop:  key west, florida
second stop: freeport, bahamas
the boys hopping in to go parasailing
third stop:  nassau, bahamas
 and a few pics from around the boat...
excuse me, water, when you slosh out of the pool like that it means that bellies are sloshing too.  ugh.
the bunks were very exciting - up and down, up and down, up and down.  :) 
a fun getaway, and fun times with our kiddos and friends.  next time, tho, i'm making the hubby take me somewhere without rocking beds.  :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

here we grow again!

i was on the fence about whether or not to post about the last couple of months, but since i've gotten waaaaay behind with my photo albums again and i kinda use this blog to help me remember what happened when... well, i'm gonna at least note a few things, because just a few things have happened!

  • fun weekend in osage beach, mo with friends and family
  • first dr appt for thing 3, which gives a reason for ...
  • ... a cancelled weekend with friends (mama is not digging the morning/all day/all night sickness!)
  • ... daddy being the "room mother" at the thanksgiving school party for thing 1
  • trip to iowa to see both families at thanksgiving
  • circus with our buddies
  • trip to the zoo on a warm day
  • mamaw came to visit/help, and got pneumonia (boo!)
  • saw baby squirming around at first ultrasound
  • work trip for the hubby
  • school holiday party
  • trip to iowa to meet the new babies
  • a few days to spend just being at home together over the new year holiday
  • cruise with our buddies
  • mama's finally starting to have some better days (yay!)
aaaaand, here we are - all caught up on major events!  hoping to get a few pics posted in the near future - wish me luck.  :)