Thursday, February 14, 2013

will you be mine?

these kiddos were treated quite well this holiday, and had a ton of fun getting valentines:
#1:  mail for each of them, and a $2 bill in each card!
#2:  a package in the mail, filled with all kinds of goodies and noisemakers
#3:  cards for each of them, with *more* money inside
pre-k party this morning, with ice cream sundaes and candy galore
and a special treat for mama when she opened the car door.  #mamalovesurprises
since the day is still going strong, i wonder what more fun we'll find...  #mamaknowsthesecrets

happy valentine's day!

we love any excuse to get together with our friends, have fun, and/or have parties.  this was a perfect combo of them all...  :)

thanks for coming, guys!  and grandmas, yes, the kiddos had a fun time too - and are still talking about eating "marsh-a-mellows" and being at their own party "without mom."