Tuesday, June 18, 2013

getting ready for lil sis

it's exciting to think and talk about our new lil sis, even though we don't really know what to expect or how to get ready sometimes.  we did have a fun time decorating a couple of gift bags for her, and we packed up a couple little toys inside that we picked out for her.

may's finished projects

these albums ended up being quick, easy, & fun - so i cranked out a few more.  it's nice to have notes and cards somewhere besides just in a box now.

this picture is my first photoshop project, and it really didn't take long at all.  wahooo!

and this pillow is technically a finished project since it is completely sewn and on the chair.  but, it has a few brothers and sisters not quite finished yet...  :)

memorial day weekend

the original plan was to meet family in kansas city for the weekend, but they got sweet-talked into just coming to our house instead.  this mama is too big to travel comfortably, and she likes her recliner a lot of nights.  it's too bad she didn't do a super job of getting enough pictures, but here are a few:  

we even snuck in some pampering  :)

we enjoyed being with everyone and having some time with one of our newest cousins!  thanks for making the trip, everyone!!

dinner party!

some sweet friends hosted a sweet party to celebrate the upcoming birth of our baby, and a friend's baby - due about 2 weeks after ours.  

it was so fun to have some girl time decorating onesies, eating delicious food, and chatting.  :)
the matching preggos were not planned, but fun anyway!

thanks ladies!  i feel totally spoiled!!

(and thanks to betsy, for the "borrowed" fb pictures)

mother's day

thoroughly enjoyed a quick lunch at qdoba - no waiting, yummy food, and sweet kiddos!

a local festival, "rooster days"

we started by watching the longest parade that we've EVER seen - 2ish hours!! we were thrilled to get ice cream sandwiches from one of the floats on this hot, hot, hot day.  :)

the kiddos enjoyed a couple rides

and we all enjoyed some good 'ol fried food - including these ridiculously huge corn dogs!

a few pics from our april...

happy birthday lunch for daddy!

 an evening treat while daddy was away on a work trip

 special company - cousin anna!

and a new ride!

3 years old!