Wednesday, September 19, 2012

kiddo art

art has been the favorite activity the last few weeks - coloring, cutting, stamps, stickers.  they love it all, and so do i.  :)  their creations are so fun, and they're so proud of them.
 these last 2 were while big bro was at school.  the scrapbooking stuff was still out from the night before, so we had a little girl party together.  she was a BIG help.  :)
as i was putting pictures on the pages, i was wondering where the time went.  the kiddo in these pictures was this size not that long ago...

Sunday, September 16, 2012


although i kinda wish that title meant that i would be posting about having either a kitchen wall or a bathroom freshly painted, i am happy to be posting about a fun outing w/ friends.  :) 
got to spend a few hours at tgifridays - dinner and a painting session!

i already knew that painting pictures wasn't one of my strong points, but it was fun to embarrass myself try it again.  the teacher showed us what to do and had tips, but i just haven't figured out shading.  the same problem that haunted me in high school is still around...  i feel lots better with patterns and textures than actual pictures.  :)
(thanks b, for the group photo!)
however, it was awesome fun, and i'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

school is going well!

the first few days of school were the hardest, partly because the teacher wanted him to be walked into the classroom.  he wanted to stay and learn, but he wanted me to stay and learn with him.  one day when he was fairly upset about staying without me, i left him crying with his teacher and took his crying sister to the car.  he was crying to leave, and she was crying to stay.  ugh.
however, things have been going much better since we can now drive thru the line and do our "see-ya-later" business as he gets out of the car.  he's doing super, and hops right out like a big kid.
at pick-up time, the kiddos all come out and sit in a line while the teachers walk each one to his/her car.  it's pretty amazing to see all the 4-yr-olds line up and then sit so well!

pretty proud of his "super star sticker" that he got the first time he didn't cry for mama.  love that smiling face!
he's learning all kinds of things, and it's so fun to hear about them.  of course, i always ask about his day when i pick him up and the answer's always that they didn't do anything that day.  but, he loves to sing the songs he's learned and tell his sister all about it.  :)  some cute things coming from the backseat have been:
days of the week - sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, sevenday, eightday, nineday
i love mr h and mr b (both are ladies) at my 'kool

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

while daddy's away, the kiddos will play

this work trip happened to fall over labor day, so we took ourselves to the zoo!  our membership pass had expired, and i hadn't renewed it since we'd been gone so much lately.  but, i did have a living social deal that included an unlimited ride pass.  the train is about $5 per person, so it's usually something we wave to at the crossings and not something we usually ride... but, it's trains are a favorite for both kidlets - so, we had pretty much the best day EVER just riding the train.
it was actually a realllly good day for rides, because it was way to hot to be hoofin' it around that place.  probably one of the most humid days we've had all summer, and temps above 100 again.
we spent a good 2 hours on the train, and we saw lots of animals from there.  a couple were things that we don't necessarily see just walking around - like an albino peacock!
neither kiddo wanted to get off, and we had our cooler right there with us - so, yep, we were set! blueberries, cheese & ham cubes, and juice boxes were pretty much our lunch.

Friday, September 7, 2012

first day of pre-k

both kiddos seemed to understand that they'd be separating for a few hours, and neither was very thrilled about it.  thing 2 asked several times during the morning where her brother was, and would then answer herself that he was at school.
kinda excited, kinda goofy, and kinda unsure
outside the school - more excited now, and ready to go on in.
in his classroom - they have carpet time and books to read while everyone comes in and puts their bags in the lockers.  he was excited to find his favorite book (the little engine that could) on the top of the stack.
the first day went really well, but his comment when i took him in the second day was "i did this yesterday.  i don't need to do it again."  haha, little fella.