Friday, September 7, 2012

first day of pre-k

both kiddos seemed to understand that they'd be separating for a few hours, and neither was very thrilled about it.  thing 2 asked several times during the morning where her brother was, and would then answer herself that he was at school.
kinda excited, kinda goofy, and kinda unsure
outside the school - more excited now, and ready to go on in.
in his classroom - they have carpet time and books to read while everyone comes in and puts their bags in the lockers.  he was excited to find his favorite book (the little engine that could) on the top of the stack.
the first day went really well, but his comment when i took him in the second day was "i did this yesterday.  i don't need to do it again."  haha, little fella.

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  1. awww! Glad his first day went well, and hope all the days and years to come go just as smoothly! Great to see you last month!