Wednesday, March 14, 2012

home sweet home

i saw this idea on pinterest, and decided i would try something similar. 
woooohooooo for actually doing something i pinned!!

it's been in progress for quite a while, but it was fun to work on a letter or 2 whenever i had a chance.  a few letters in progress:
crayons are my ever-trusty keep-the-project-off-the-table-holders so i can paint the edges.  u likey?
this is the back of a letter that didn't have a hanger.  a nicely placed staple works perfectly for these light little guys.  i used this lil trick on several letters.

mod podge is one of my favorites!  you *might* be able to tell by the end of this post.

used sponge daubers to apply ink from a stamp pad over the tape, and then a quick peel leaves white lines.  and the ink blended together to make a nice smooth finish as it dried - added bonus!  no marks show from the sponge.

more mod podge!

since hanging them up, i've moved them around a few times...
yes, i'll fill in all those extra nail holes when we repaint, but for now they fit in just fine with the 3,563 left by the previous owners. what's a few more?
feels great to have something up on the wall, and i love the mismatched feel!

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  1. WOW! I love it! That wall has so much personality now. Great job.

  2. I had that photo pinned onto my board, too! I love the relaxed,homey feel about the mismatched letters. Your end result came out great!

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  4. So adorable, you did a GREAT job! Where did you find all the different shapes, sizes of letters?

    1. thanks!
      all of them are from hobby lobby, except for these:
      the t and the top e are from amazon
      the big black s is from kohl's
      the bottom o i found in boxes when we moved, so that one's a mystery. :)

  5. Awesome job Jennifer!!! I agree...whats a couple extra holes in the wall. ;-)

  6. The one you pinned is nice, but I like yours a million times better!

  7. Fantastic! I have to agree with Eric. Yours is WAY better! My personal favorite is the M with the flower 'headband'. :) Love, love.

  8. That turned out super, Jen - perfect for that wall!