Thursday, March 22, 2012

at least...

...i got some of my favorite flowers, a card, and a sweet treat.  but, i'd rather have the boy at home this week. 

good thing we have gram with us (more pictures to come, i'm quite sure!).


  1. And Gram is really, really happy to be here!

  2. Today at Hobby Lobby I saw a wall of buttons. And there were flip flop buttons. And then I saw some glass flip flops in the wall decor section. And yesterday I saw a kids shirt with flip flops on it and felt the need to explain to the kids just WHO that reminded me of. And then tonight I look on here and see the other thing that reminds me of you: Gerbera Daisies! I looked them up, the fifth most popular flowers in the world and meaning innocence, purity and cheerfulness. Well, no wonder they remind me of you! Although.... are you really all that innocent??? ;) They are Shane's favorite flower, too, and although I find it hard to pick a fave, these really appeal. They are so classic and the colors are gorgeous! Are orange your fave? We like orange best. Did you know a person could say THIS MUCH about Gerbera's? Well, if anyone could, it would be me. =D Hope you get your sweetie back soon!

  3. Ahhh, flip flops! :) Love 'em!

    And, I had no idea about those gerbera facts, so thanks for sharing. Yeeees, I'm totally innocent. :) I'd take pretty much any color, but I do prefer the colored ones to the whiter ones.

    Hope you're all doing super!