Thursday, June 21, 2012

lunch at los cabos

too bad that doesn't say lunch IN los cabos, but this was a pretty good substitute.  delicious mexican food, a clown doing balloon art, and time with the family on a sunday.

thing 2 wasn't so sure about the clown, but she was definitely intrigued - and loved her flower corsage.

thing 1 got spiderman riding a motorcycle, and enjoyed "brrrrrrmmmm-ing" it along the table.

happy faces and full bellies!

seeing these pictures reminds me that i NEED to get my camera fixed or replaced.  the phone does ok, but most of the ones we took were in really bad lighting and didn't turn out very well.  ah, always something to do. 

what have you been up to lately?  any good ideas on how to clean butter from a camera??

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

playing around

the new playset arrived and sat in a big pile of boxes in our driveway for a couple of weeks.  every time we went out to the car or to play, we had to look at the teeeensy picture on the end of one of the boxes to see what this "playset" would be like.  if we were going somewhere, excited little voices would then chatter about it on the way to town. 

while daddy and papa got to work, gram got to ride in the boat/train.

thing 2 had a fun time splashing in the water, as they were rowing...

pretty sure that there were a lot of steps in between these 2 photos, but we must not have captured them.  i have a feeling a lot of them were at night after 2 little things were getting baths and jammies.

we all love this set, and it seems to be a good fit for our abilities right now.  a couple challenging parts, a FAST slide, and we always smile about swings!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a little is better than none

can't expect too much from our little garden since we didn't plant a huge amount, but it's fun to pick the first few things anyway! 

we took out a few hostas (and they went to a good home, so don't worry mom.) that weren't doing super because the friendly deer keep them nibbled to the ground.  that space in our flower beds got filled in, plus some more empty space - with veggies.  and, wa-lah:

really enjoying that we can still travel and not come home to dried up plants.  the sprinklers take good care of things for us!  :)  above, we've got okra, beans, and tomatos.

in other spots, we've got pumpkins, basil, and peppers.  mmmm.

and... i've been a little behind on pictures and blogging lately, but we have a new playset!  papa & gram were here to help us set it up a couple weekends ago, and we want to show you.  hopefully in the next couple of days you'll see some kiddos outside playing. 

anything keeping you guys busy lately?  this summer is FLYING by!

Monday, June 18, 2012

i love you

it's been pretty hard to catch this in photos, but we're glad we finally did!  it's so sweet.  :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

i love parties!  of any kind.  birthday parties, wedding showers, product parties, all of them.  that being said, you'd think i'd just plan more of them.  but, life seems to keep things hopping, so i'm just glad for the ones that do come along.  :) 

i had a blast putting together a baby shower, and here are a few of the pictures.  sadly, my camera is still feeling a little buttery, so i'm glad that gram was in town and snapped some photos!

wishing katy the best with her new lil guy, and thanks, gram, for taking some time away from playing with the kiddos to help me at the shower!

Monday, June 11, 2012

this kiddo loves dirt.  he's happy for a looooong time with just a pile of it.  lucky for us, he also loves mulch.  great job, buddy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

warrior dash, round 2

the obstacle course 5K that daddy had so much fun running last fall came back to the area, so he went for round 2.

still got dirty, muddy, and nasty but, his time was almost the same on a seemingly harder course.  most people added 8 or 9 minutes on their times, so great job to E!
the warrior princesses were content to sit and watch the all the crazy people while licking lollipops.  :)

staying hydrated on this smokin' hot day.  ahhh.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

memorial day weekend

mamaw had to get back home somehow, so we took her.  it was great to be back at "home" for a bit (even though i've never lived in the house where mom & dad are now). 

we got things started nice and early saturday morning with a ride to the "pop & candy store" in the rtv.

then, we spent a couple nights in st. louis with the rest of the cousins.  a little shopping, a little eating, a little baseball, and a lot of relaxing.

looking at the train coming into the station


looking forward to the next time we can get together!

Friday, June 1, 2012



mamaw helped us find this treasure at a garage sale, and then helped us put it together more than a few times.  :)

giving minnie mouse a drink at lunch with mamaw at the pink house (tea house).

i thoroughly enjoyed a date with my mama - good food and pedicures!  ahhhh.

mamaw was here for more than a week, and we all loved having her!  sadly, these are the only pictures that we got, but we packed as much as we could into her days here.  the hubs and i even got to spend an afternoon out for our anniversary.  thanks for everything, mama!