Thursday, June 21, 2012

lunch at los cabos

too bad that doesn't say lunch IN los cabos, but this was a pretty good substitute.  delicious mexican food, a clown doing balloon art, and time with the family on a sunday.

thing 2 wasn't so sure about the clown, but she was definitely intrigued - and loved her flower corsage.

thing 1 got spiderman riding a motorcycle, and enjoyed "brrrrrrmmmm-ing" it along the table.

happy faces and full bellies!

seeing these pictures reminds me that i NEED to get my camera fixed or replaced.  the phone does ok, but most of the ones we took were in really bad lighting and didn't turn out very well.  ah, always something to do. 

what have you been up to lately?  any good ideas on how to clean butter from a camera??


  1. It was a very fun weekend! Glad Papa could be there to help with the playset while I helped play!

  2. Hey there! I've been enjoying your posts! The garden veggies, the new swingset, and the balloon fun! Through it all, it's the expressions (and sign language!) of your sweeties that makes it all so fun! Julia recently learned to ride a bike and has been so excited by this, it's been fun to watch. Thing 1 is looking dandy in his new specs! Glad he likes the view, I'm sure it can make such a good difference.
    Looks like a fun summer for all! =)