Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a little is better than none

can't expect too much from our little garden since we didn't plant a huge amount, but it's fun to pick the first few things anyway! 

we took out a few hostas (and they went to a good home, so don't worry mom.) that weren't doing super because the friendly deer keep them nibbled to the ground.  that space in our flower beds got filled in, plus some more empty space - with veggies.  and, wa-lah:

really enjoying that we can still travel and not come home to dried up plants.  the sprinklers take good care of things for us!  :)  above, we've got okra, beans, and tomatos.

in other spots, we've got pumpkins, basil, and peppers.  mmmm.

and... i've been a little behind on pictures and blogging lately, but we have a new playset!  papa & gram were here to help us set it up a couple weekends ago, and we want to show you.  hopefully in the next couple of days you'll see some kiddos outside playing. 

anything keeping you guys busy lately?  this summer is FLYING by!

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