About Me

recently moved to oklahoma.  it's a place far, far away ........ from what i consider "home." but, we're trying to make this our home now because it felt like the right thing to do when we made the huge, scary move.  we've made some wonderful friends here, and are settling into the house we bought.  hopefully there will be lots of posts about progress on the house-into-a-home endeavor.

my background:  bachelor's degree in nursing, but i stay home with my kiddos now.  lots of people ask if i will go back to work, but all i can say is probably not right now.  i'm enjoying my current job trying to figure out fun ways to keep everyone fed, healthy, entertained - well, you get the idea.  i hope to post about whatever little things i discover that keep us (read: mama) happy, hence the title of this blog.