Monday, May 14, 2012

relaxing in florida

the group after a deeeeelicious lunch at outback
sweet sibs playing so nicely together

SO proud of swimming "all by self"

daddy took mama to one of her favorite restaurants in the whole world - the chart house.

the next pictures (and the rest of the ones taken on our camera) will now be sporting a buttery glaze.  that's what happens when the camera gets dropped in the plate...  oops.
this place makes crab cakes like they should be.  mostly crab and a teeny bit of other stuff.

and, chocolate lava cake.  the fudgy stuff fills the plate when you cut into it.  nothing else quite like it!  followed up our meal with a little stroll along the beach.  perfect evening :)

who can spot a faker?  just the lil guy!  i thought it looked like all 3, but daddy explains it better in the comments.


  1. Special, special days together! A wonderful family vacation.

  2. I think the girls were actually asleep in that last photo. Papa told me how amused he was that A fell asleep trying to wake up L!