Tuesday, May 29, 2012

he can see clearly now...

the week before we went to florida, we noticed that thing 1 was having some trouble with his left eye crossing.  he's always had a little bit of eye crossing here and there, but this was more - and it was bugging him.  so, we took him in and learned that he's very far-sighted.  his poor lil eye muscles were just getting tired from straining to see.
he was a trooper!  no complaints about getting his eyes dilated, and the doc was super with him too.  the disposable sunglasses they gave us as we left were a hit as was the treat from cherry berry:
we got the glasses from eyemart, and so far we're really happy with them.  1 yr warranty on anything that happens, other than losing them.  and, they can have them ready in a couple of hours.  we got there late enough in the day that we ended up going back the next day, but it still seemed pretty fast to us!
he can see TONS better, and we're so glad.  he spent the first couple of days checking everything out, and it was so fun to watch.  of course, it would've been more fun to avoid the whole thing, but we're so impressed with how much the glasses have helped.  no crossed eyes, and a boy who is willing to try lots of things he drug his feet on before - putting his shoes on, buttoning his pants, reading books by himself.

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  1. Papa and Gram are so happy to hear how much this is helping - looking forward to being with you all again soon!!