Wednesday, May 2, 2012

something that i've learned about myself is that i've gotta keep busy to keep from going crazy crazier.  i knew i'd probably be flying solo last week while daddy was on a business trip, so what else could i do besides make a list?  i'd already called pretty much everyone i know to invite them for a visit.

the latter didn't work out, so i have a pretty completed list.  wahoooo!!!
the kids and i spent a lot of time out doing things - little errands, meals out, garage sales, shopping, playing with our buddies.  and, we spent a lot of time at home - reading books, playing, getting dirty, and helping cross things off the list.  our week was different than usual, but keeping busy helped us all stay friendly.  :)

here's how the list ended up:
oil change
swimsuit for mama
shorts for thing 1
sandals for thing 2
t-shirts for thing 1
summer shirts for thing 2
finish continuing education
renew RN license
order thing 2's 2 yr pictures for the family
birthday thank-you's
add a few more plants to the front beds
mulch front beds
make 7 greeting cards for card club

send cards for card club
place stampin up order
make baby shower invites

trim the broken tree in the front yard

turn in form for pre-k enrollment
get the bank to fix the duplicate charge
figure out a good place to do 12x12 prints
start on pages for albums for the kids to have
finish unpacking boxes (there were 20!)
clean the garage

for those of you who have not been to our house, you have NO idea what a job the garage was.  i didn't take before pictures because it was just too embarrassing.  this pic is from the house looking out, and it was completely obstructed by boxes.  still a ways to go, but progress has been made!


  1. Wahoo for sure! Sorry I didn't make it down there last week, but I see you had a VERY productive week - way to go!

  2. Wow-weeee! I am truly, truly impressed with your list. Feel free to come over :-)

  3. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about all the crossed off items you took care of! My poor husband has no idea what a defective wife I am, and I'll be sure not to show him this post. ;) When my hubby is out of town, I tend to stay up late into the night eating snack foods and reading books or watching old movies. So of course, I am a bear with no energy the next day. =) I am inspired to do a little changing.... We'll see how long it lasts. Good for you to make lists! I love lists, too. I just don't cross off as much as you do. ;)