Wednesday, September 12, 2012

school is going well!

the first few days of school were the hardest, partly because the teacher wanted him to be walked into the classroom.  he wanted to stay and learn, but he wanted me to stay and learn with him.  one day when he was fairly upset about staying without me, i left him crying with his teacher and took his crying sister to the car.  he was crying to leave, and she was crying to stay.  ugh.
however, things have been going much better since we can now drive thru the line and do our "see-ya-later" business as he gets out of the car.  he's doing super, and hops right out like a big kid.
at pick-up time, the kiddos all come out and sit in a line while the teachers walk each one to his/her car.  it's pretty amazing to see all the 4-yr-olds line up and then sit so well!

pretty proud of his "super star sticker" that he got the first time he didn't cry for mama.  love that smiling face!
he's learning all kinds of things, and it's so fun to hear about them.  of course, i always ask about his day when i pick him up and the answer's always that they didn't do anything that day.  but, he loves to sing the songs he's learned and tell his sister all about it.  :)  some cute things coming from the backseat have been:
days of the week - sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, sevenday, eightday, nineday
i love mr h and mr b (both are ladies) at my 'kool


  1. Awww.. school is such an adjustment. Glad things are better and better!

  2. Have been enjoying reading your recent posts!