Monday, September 10, 2012

while daddy's away, the kiddos will play

this work trip happened to fall over labor day, so we took ourselves to the zoo!  our membership pass had expired, and i hadn't renewed it since we'd been gone so much lately.  but, i did have a living social deal that included an unlimited ride pass.  the train is about $5 per person, so it's usually something we wave to at the crossings and not something we usually ride... but, it's trains are a favorite for both kidlets - so, we had pretty much the best day EVER just riding the train.
it was actually a realllly good day for rides, because it was way to hot to be hoofin' it around that place.  probably one of the most humid days we've had all summer, and temps above 100 again.
we spent a good 2 hours on the train, and we saw lots of animals from there.  a couple were things that we don't necessarily see just walking around - like an albino peacock!
neither kiddo wanted to get off, and we had our cooler right there with us - so, yep, we were set! blueberries, cheese & ham cubes, and juice boxes were pretty much our lunch.

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