Wednesday, January 23, 2013

here we grow again!

i was on the fence about whether or not to post about the last couple of months, but since i've gotten waaaaay behind with my photo albums again and i kinda use this blog to help me remember what happened when... well, i'm gonna at least note a few things, because just a few things have happened!

  • fun weekend in osage beach, mo with friends and family
  • first dr appt for thing 3, which gives a reason for ...
  • ... a cancelled weekend with friends (mama is not digging the morning/all day/all night sickness!)
  • ... daddy being the "room mother" at the thanksgiving school party for thing 1
  • trip to iowa to see both families at thanksgiving
  • circus with our buddies
  • trip to the zoo on a warm day
  • mamaw came to visit/help, and got pneumonia (boo!)
  • saw baby squirming around at first ultrasound
  • work trip for the hubby
  • school holiday party
  • trip to iowa to meet the new babies
  • a few days to spend just being at home together over the new year holiday
  • cruise with our buddies
  • mama's finally starting to have some better days (yay!)
aaaaand, here we are - all caught up on major events!  hoping to get a few pics posted in the near future - wish me luck.  :)


  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations!! We are so happy for you. :)

  2. hooray! I'm so happy to see you up here again! I have regular monologues with your photo on my fridge.... and I'm happy to see some updates. Most important of all, I'm so GLAD you are feeling better! =) We missed you a ton, and yelled hello in your general direction as we passed by the exit toward your town. Next time! =) When it's a gooooood time. ;) I held my breath waiting to see what you would have, so I'll quick take another one and keep holding. You take care and kiss those kids for us!