Thursday, July 19, 2012

politics raise my blood pressure

i feel like most politicians have strayed so far from what's actually just a matter of right and wrong.  the whole world has actually.  you can't make something wrong into something right even if you make laws allllllll over the place about it.  for instance, abortion.  it'll never be the right thing to do.

my purpose today isn't to complain, tho!  it was just to say that, when i saw this in the news, i was glad.  someone in a high position in a company is actually doing what's right just because it's right. 

that's the awesome sauce on my chicken nuggets.  (and, another reason why i love chick-fil-a)

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  1. Thanks for posting-I was so miffed that so many people posted on facebook that they were now boycotting Chickfil-a. I agree w/you-we ate there that night:)