Monday, December 5, 2011

quick trip to dallas

e had a business trip scheduled to dallas at the end of the thanksgiving weekend, which is why we opted to stick around home for the holiday.  drive to illinois, and then to texas in one weekend?  nah. 

('specially when we got to see both families the weekends before - and, for lots longer than a shortened thanksgiving trip.  SO GLAD that worked out!)


we really enjoyed our quick trip with e:  

a stop at IKEA on the way into town.  a hotel across the street from grapevine mills mall, and we had fun checking the place out while he worked on monday. 

i was completely amazed that thing 1 seemed to remember the mall, and that it had a choo-choo train inside!!!  we had been there early in 2011, but i was blown away that he remembered.  needless to say, the train ride was the highlight of someone's day.  we spent a lot of time watching for it, looking at it, and basically drooling over it ... 

waiting ever-so-patiently for the train driver to return so we could have our ride.  they turned down everything i suggested doing instead of sitting to wait.  nope!  they were gonna wait right there, and were so nice about it.  they kept looking over (upper right of the pic) to see if the driver was back yet, but had so much fun telling me allllllll about the train and the "moke-ack"

had to ride in the coal car so we could be right by the engine... thing 2 wasn't so sure about the ride when we got in, but ended up loving it just like big brother.

supper with daddy, and then a bit more mall time before bed.  there were lots of ramps and sets of steps between mall sections, and they had fun running on those until their cheeks were rosy.  the train was closed for the evening, so we told it night-night and returned to the hotel.  fun, fun!


  1. It's always fun when when the rest of the family can tag along on daddy's business trips! Glad you had fun, and that the train was such a highlight for the little ones.

  2. yay shes wearing those shoes i bought her ... they are very cute, and you are a great mommy

  3. What a fun day! It is amazing what these little people will remember, I'm constantly amazed. It was fun to see them in person last week, yee ha!

    I've been trying to figure out how to get to an IKEA, since I'd like to renovate my laundry room with stuff they have. Maybe I'll just have to head up your way and then take a trip down there. =)

  4. yes, she loves those shoes and always picks them. :) she's my lil lady who loves fancy shoes and trucks.

    @ melita, i only came home with 1 purchase (can you believe that?!?) and a list of things to measure. definitely need to go back so let me know if you want to meet. looks like it's 5 hrs for both of us... of course, you're welcome to come all the way here too and thx so much for stopping in!!

  5. sounds like a great trip! your kids must be good travelers!

  6. ah, melita! e has informed me that i'm sadly mistaken. i suppose dallas would be closer to 10 hrs for you... guess you'd better just come here first. :)