Friday, December 23, 2011

pumpkin spice bagels w/honey nut cream cheese

those MIL's!  they'll get you hooked on yummy stuff!

last time we were at her house, she had these bagels and this cream cheese.  since then, we've made several trips to the grocery store with these in mind.  and, there's only one store that carries the bagels, we've found.

anyone else ever get totally taken by the marketing on a package?  i think the "limited" message means i have to buy them on every trip because they might not have them the next time! 

we've really been enjoying our little breakfast treat - kiddos included.


  1. stock up for when I come! Mom

  2. Looks good! =) And now for the next step: homemade pumpkin bagels with all that pumpkin you've got in your freezer! =) I made bagels once, and I'm sure it was when I lived in Illinois. So maybe you made them with me. Its when I first learned that bagel dough is boiled in water, then baked! Weird! But so delicious. =)

  3. I should try it! I don't remember you making them in IL, but that doesn't mean a whole lot... ;) I'm sure it's a whole bunch cheaper, and probably yummier than the ones I've been buying!

  4. Since they're "limited", I have some in the freezer - when are you coming this way again?