Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pumpkin again? in december?

well, actually, yes.

[yes, this is where there should be a picture of our front step...]
we had a big ol' guy on our front step, and he still looked so nice that we hated to just pitch him.  so, we chopped him up and cooked him down.  sounds kinda mean, 'eh?

my punkin-head.  the paint on his shirt is foreshadowing for something you might get to see.  if, IF, IFFF we ever get it finished.

cut it up, scoop it out, and try to find enough pans to fit it in so it can all bake at one time.  we didn't want to be at this alllllll day, people.

wow.  that's lotsa pumpkin!

stir until smooth, and then...

find a spot in the freezer! 

these little containers have certainly come in handy.  their initiation was strawberry jam with melita, but i've used them a ton since because they stack nicely.

there you have it!  come visit, and we'll make you something with it!


  1. wow... that is an impressive amount of work. you're definitely well-organized!

  2. Hey! I just found a Pumpkin Creme Brulee recipe on I don't know but it might be a fun way to use a smidge of your pumpkin. =)