Tuesday, December 13, 2011


thing 2's favorite game recently has been to pretend to "seep."  she gets the blanket from her crib, a pillow from the couch, and snuggles up on the floor.  she's surprisingly quiet, so if you walk in the room and she's "sleeping," she'll be sure to let you know her displeasure in being disturbed.
eyes all scrunched up, pretending to be asleep
shhhh mommy, i'm trying to sleep
back, mommy, rub back.

the 2 of them like to play this in brother's room in the beds, but i haven't been able to get any pictures yet.  it's sooooo cute.  :)


  1. So, so funny and very familiar:) My Sam spends a lot of time "seepin'". He also likes to put his bear down for nigh nigh. It takes three blankets for bear to go to sleep. I love this age!