Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pallet right up!

or, pile it right up!  (thought i'd better explain that one...) in our new compost bin!

the nice temperatures coaxed us outside this weekend, and we got some leaves raked.  we've (read: i've) been meaning to get this project done since it looked so simple here.  now, we've got a spot besides the flowerbeds and yard to put earthy stuff so it can rot.

john at the young house love blog went to a bit more trouble than we did. we had some old stakes from the previous owners and some metal bars (like the black piece in the above pic) from a lawn mower crate just lounging around in the garage, so we put 'em to work!

it was really simple for me, of course, because i was just standing around bossing because we just picked out a good spot for the compost, pounded the stakes in, and set the pallets over the stakes.

a couple of screws on the corners means she'll stay together better, and be more square in case the neighbors are looking.  you ever wanted to seem square to your neighbors?

and, here she is!  isn't she pretty?

a few more well-placed, but still-sticking-out-quite-a-ways screws in the front, and there's a nifty removeable door pallet. 

holds the leaves well, now we'll see how well she composts!


  1. I think this is a SWELL idea!! =) And I'm glad that things can rot where you live. Out here, things don't rot. They dry out and preserve for eternity. I've had a compost spot for a couple years, but ever since chickens, they pretty much eat everything and then reward me with manure. However, I have a few citrus peels that are over a year old, just tossing about in the flower bed. We say hi every time I turn the soil over before and after the garden goes in. =) Oh yeah, and we don't have leaves, either. Just evergreens. And no grass clippings, either. Just tumbleweeds. =) It's great, come on out! ;)

  2. Sounds delightful! ;) In the summer here, things just bake... and, in the winter,...? guess we'll see! :)