Thursday, July 28, 2011

checking the living room off the "urgent" list!

the wall has only 1 picture, you say?  i say, what a thing to notice.  what about the floor being toy-free for a few minutes?!?  well, it is naptime at our house right now.  our toy zamboni went through just moments ago, so quick!  look before anyone wakes up.

about the lonely picture...  well, there are lots more boxes to unpack and piles to sort through.  i say give it time.  but, i kinda like it just the way it is so don't get toooo antsy for more.

there are plenty of other things to work on, tho. (ha!  you didn't see all of them in the 1st picture, did you?)  :)  some of these will probably get put the "to do someday when we're bored" list:
1. the poor lamp is naked
2.  there is a pile of junk table stacked w/ pictures to hang
3.  the table needs moved to a new spot somewhere
4.  need some COLOR in this room
5.  the piano needs pictures above it
6.  the couch needs something hanging above it, too
7.  the windows either need the curtain rods removed or new curtains
8.  since i'm making another list here... hmm... that fan should be updated too
9.  anything else?  this is your chance to comment, so let me have it!

sorry if you want a zamboni too.  mostly they just work on ice, but our special one picks up toys.

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