Tuesday, July 26, 2011

living room, literally!

so glad to be finished with apartment life, and we're getting through more boxes each day.  our living room has been one recent project, and this is how it looked before the movers arrived:
and, after they left:  (watch out, it's super scary)
thing 2 was trying to figure out where her nice big playroom went.  we were trying to remember why we thought this was a good idea.  but, we unpacked and arranged, and took down the not-so-awesome curtains:
since this pic, we've arranged and re-arranged, then re-arranged some more.  i think we've finally settled things how we (i...) like them.  maybe you'll get to see another picture in a few days, if i decide i'm finally pleased.  :)  i did hang up a picture, and it's beginning to look like home!

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  1. If it's still the same as it was when I left yesterday, I like the way you have the living room arranged now!