Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 has been rough for thing 1

first, there was surgery to move his eye muscles.  the best part is that so far, he hasn't needed glasses.  we go back in may to see if that's gonna be the case long-term or not, but we're thrilled that the lil guy can see soooo much better and doesn't have nearly as much trouble with his eyes crossing.  one will still occasionally cross on him, but he can get it back under control without too much effort.  a huge improvement, for sure!
then, there was his first dental visit.  he did so awesome, and so did his hygenist.  she showed him a little video and set him right at ease.  but, the kiddo grinds his teeth, and as a result has a wholebunchofcavities.  eek.  this mama just about cried, not because of the ka-ching i was hearing in my head (ok, maybe just a little because of that) - but mostly because dental procedures are on my hatehatehate list.  not very many things make me sweat that much. 
we've still got those fillings to look forward to... and, i'm pretty sure he's forgotten all about it.  the dentist recommended waiting until the next procedure was over, though, because he said in a lot of kids it stops or reallllly slows the grinding.  aaaannnd, it's another procedure requiring sedation so that they can do them all at once.  so, while we're trying not to think about fillings, we proceed with the next planned thing:

another surgery.  tonsils and adenoids came out on this round.
since he didn't remember much of the eye surgery just a month prior, he wasn't a bit scared this time.  we knew recovery would be a lot harder and longer, though. 
he woke up so sweet, which was a welcome change from the first (and more normal!) recovery.  he was pretty uncomfy, though, for several days.  we were lucky that gram could come because he loved having her around on those yucky days!
thanks to his aunt & uncle for the balloon man - and to everyone who sent little packages, called, and thought about us.  :)  he was pretty impressed by all the attention!
mom and dad are super happy that having them out has helped him so much.  since he's been pretty much healed, we haven't heard a single snore, saw a drop of drool, or wiped a drip of allergy ick.  it's probably too early to tell for sure if it'll solve all his congestion problems, but this is probably the longest he's been able to go without allergy meds in the springtime!
the next post will be more fun, i promise!  it includes pictures of the rest of the time gram was here...


  1. awww...that makes me cringe to think about all that in a few short months!! They should have just taken his appendix out while they had him knocked out...then he'd have all those annoying surgeries taken care of all at once. :( Hope he's feeling tons better by now!

  2. I was so glad to be there and get in on the extra cuddling with both kids! Glad for him it's over and that you see such wonderful benefits.

  3. Wow...what a start to 2013 for the poor guy! Sometimes I don't know who it is harder on...mommy and daddy, or the little tykes. Either way, hugs all the way round! ((((hugs))))

  4. Sorry about all the procedures, but glad things are looking up for your little man!