Tuesday, April 9, 2013

happy birthday, thing 2!

since there were a few of us together, we decided to do a little birthday celebration for lil miss.  a tad bit early, but she didn't seem to mind:  

a sweet friend made her another cake a lot closer to her birthday, and she loved it!  the pictures are still on dad's phone, tho...

we didn't think she really cared what day we had cake until the morning of her actual birthday.  she marched right up to mama's side of the bed asking when the minnie mouse cupcakes were going to be started.  hmmm.  what minnie mouse cupcakes??  the minnie mouse cupcakes with minnie mouse faces on them.  that's what i want to have today for my birthday.  oh my, lil miss.  what about the flower cupcakes we had at your party?  i liked those, but i want minnie ones today...


  1. Glad you had a happy birthday, Miss Alivia! Even if it was a bit early. Desmond celebrated his one day early. Don't suppose you made Minnie Mouse cupcakes to take to special meeting :-)

  2. Lol! And the rest of the story? Did she/will she get Minnie Mouse cupcakes?

    1. Haha - no, she didn't sadly. I'm not sure I could create such a thing :) But, I did make some little choc. chip cheesecakes for a little playdate bday lunch tomorrow.