Tuesday, April 2, 2013

shelves in the den

we've been needing a different arrangement for toys, games, albums, and books in this room.  there just wasn't enough space for everything to be all put away at the same time.  and, i'm not gonna show ya any pictures of the table because it was always piled high with stuff that didn't really have a home.

a little shopping here and there, and at last we found some shelving at lowe's.  it took quite a while to settle on anything because my one (ha, you believe that?) :) requirement was that i wanted them to be at least 12 inches deep so that scrapbook albums would fit, as well as board game boxes.  turned out to be trickier than expected to find something deeper than 6 inches!

lil guy was happy to get the process started.
and mama was happy to have more storage!
things have been constantly moving around since the shelves were put up, but that's probably part of why i like them so much.  a ton of stuff fits, and there's even a little extra room! 
you think i should paint those crates at some point?  i'm trying to decide on a color...
a big accomplishment is that the "project table" can now be used for projects - like this, this, playdoh, drawing, and coloring - instead of being a junk pile!
the bookshelves joined their big cousin in the living room, so that wall by the fireplace feels a lot less cluttery too. 
thanks to my guys for doing a good job of putting those shelves up!


  1. Awesome! We've been contemplating doing something similar!!!! Looks great!

  2. Love this, will have to show Jeff. Although he would have a terrible time putting that many holes in the wall - silly guy. I totally need something like this in the basement. Definitely paint the crates sometime when you want to freshen up the room again. You are great with colors.

  3. NICE! I could use some more scrapbook shelves!

  4. They're a great addition to that room!