Thursday, March 28, 2013

my own version of a smashbook

i've seen lots of fun looking displays of smashbooks at various stores - even walmart and target.  they look like they'd be pretty simple to put together, like for a vacation or some specific thing you'd want to journal about.... just maybe not for this project because, by the time i cram smash a whole pile of junk into one - i know it would take several books and that they wouldn't even come close to closing nicely.  so, i decided to try something a little different:
basically, i cut some pieces of chipboard to the size i wanted and covered it front and back with paper, little notes, stickers, ticket stubs - all the stuff i'd have been putting in the smashbook.  i used one for a front cover, a few in the middle here and there (just for stability), and then one for the back cover.  the rest of the pages are letters and cards that the boy and i have exchanged during our time together.  a few punched holes here and there - and, it started to look like an album.
here's the finished product, held together with 3 rings that i've seen at lots of scrapbook shops.  i think all three of them cost around a buck, so this ended up being way cheaper than a smashbook too.  not saying i wouldn't ever make a real smashbook, because they look so fun - i just need to find the right event for one.
this project took me an evening plus a few hours, so i'd consider it a pretty quick and easy one!  i got to start on it at a scrapbook store with a friend (woohoo!), and finished it up over the next few days at home.  oh yeah, and sorry about the blurry cover in the pictures.  i know you wouldn't want to read anything personal.  ;)

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