Tuesday, March 26, 2013

building a monster truck

thing 1 is pretty much in love with trains, monster trucks, and backhoes.  when i saw the free clinic advertised for building a wooden monster truck at lowe's, i figured it was worth a shot. 
turns out, the whole family had a fun morning! 
check here to see what's going on in your area.  #ilovelowesbuttheydontevenknowme
oh yeah, the best part is that even though it's not cool to wear the safety glasses/apron to actually do the project, it is cool to wear them 24/7 for the next week... :)

1 comment:

  1. How fun. Desmond would love to have these for Darla's kitchen. http://www.lowes.com/creative-ideas/kids-and-baby/play-food-for-a-kids-play-kitchen/project