Thursday, March 7, 2013

we actually had a snow day!

or rather, a day with snow... as school was still in session.  but, we enjoyed it nonetheless! 

mama and lil sis spent the morning grocery shopping and watching the crazy drivers while brother was at school - specifically one crazy driver who appeared to have 4 wheel drive but continued to get stuck in the ditch sideways (yes, blocking the road...) after being pulled out twice.  the third time she got stuck, the man trying to help her kindly let the rest of us go on by.  thing 1 insisted we drive in 4 wheel drive because "it is fun," and we actually did have to a little bit.  i guess when it only snows a couple times a year, they just don't bother to plow - and, the snow was too deep to just drive through in some spots.  it was a bigger mess than we were used to seeing back home, that's for sure!

after school was out, there was a lil bitty nap for both (#meanmomaward) and a loooong afternoon of playing outside (#okshesnotsoooobad).  i had to keep checking on the snow during the hour they slept, because it was too warm for the snow to last long! 

thing 1 spent his time rolling snowballs as big as he possibly could, and eventually he made a snowman.  thing 2 ran and ran and ran in circles, scooped and threw snow, and made lots of snow angels.
we (aka thing 1 and whoever he could convince) had to keep checking on our snow people... we knew they'd melt, but we wanted to just see how they were doing each time we went by the windows.  a couple days later, dad helped him add a face and arms to the snowman in the backyard before he melted too:

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  1. Cuties! We had a little snow this week, too, but I didn't find it so exciting as those two! I'm ready for warm sunny days. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!