Friday, August 19, 2011

elephants are amazing

this week, we spent a morning at the zoo and just happened to catch an elephant bath!  we often skip the schedued shows and exhibits when we go places because thing 1 and thing 2 just don't like to stay put for too long, and i don't like to try to make them.  i figure that if we're out to have fun and learn that it's ok to just see what comes our way!  usually, we're not disappointed, and this bath kept everyone's attention the entire time. 

"the big hose is nunny, mom"
"what they gonna do?"

at first, we (i) thought the trainers would have to climb a ladder, but nope!  the elephant (Sooky) turned and moved so that every spot could be reached.

a couple times, they stopped spraying her but she stayed put until she was satisfied that she was clean.  she would move slightly as if to say,
"get this spot right here"

even got a good mouth cleaning!

this seemed to be her favorite part.  she would rest her foot on the wire and just stand there waiting for more even when the trainer was finished. 
pretty amazing show!
after trekking around to see some animals, we usually end up at the playground.  it's their favorite because of this train and the little table below, and it's my favorite because it's mostly in the shade.  
it was a 'cool' 100 here... 

and, now you will see why i usually don't attempt a pic w/ the kiddos. we actually got a good one this time, though, so i'll share a few of our process.

me:  ok, kiddos!  look at the camera and say cheese!
i don't know what you're looking at mom, the ceiling is more interesting.
we're thisty right now.

no, look up there!
i'll look if you really want, but i'm still going to enjoy my drink right now.

i mean it!  look up THERE!

oh, you want us to look over there?
we get it now.


man, that was fun.  we're tired, tho.


  1. Looks like sooo much fun...Can Grandma join you at the zoo?

  2. I love your "trying to get a picture" pictures, those are SO how it is. We have soo many pictures like that taking up our computer space yet I still can't seem to delete them because the kids still look cute. That elephant bath was truly something, really did seem like he/she was enjoying it immensely!

  3. your a goof. i don't know who you sisters are but i think they should come keep you company

  4. I'm totally fascinated by this elephant! and I love that you showed all the pictures of you trying to get a good picture. So funny. I love your blog-you have a great voice. Very entertaining:)