Monday, August 15, 2011

marbles are little things

that are helping us make good choices!

i pretty much love the family fun magazine.  and, since i rip out lotsa articles i like and want to somehow use someday, this article made the cut (so to speak): 

since i never do anything exactly like i've read/been shown, i'll share our spin on things. 

we try to use positive reinforcement whenever possible, but sometimes it seems really difficult to find the positives - especially when there's a testing phase going on!  when i was thinking about how to attack some of our latest escapades, this article came back to mind.  the author wrote about trying to motivate her kiddos to help out around the house, where a chore finished means marbles in the jar.  a full jar then means a reward of some kind.  

instead of chores or anything else, we are focusing on a 3 yr old just making good choices.  using a juice glass for now, and so far we've achieved one reward for a full cup! 

thing 1 was super excited about his new puzzle, and can't wait to see what's in the bag next time.  the picture is blurry because he was so excited he couldn't show his prize to me without waving it all around.  :) 
it's been really nice to see changes in behavior from reminders about how a good choice can help get more marbles.  not that it works every time, folks, but we're pleased with the progress so far!

what about you?  how do you deal with your household's antics?

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  1. Great do a really good job with the kids...keep up the good work! Love ya...Mom