Monday, August 8, 2011

slow cooker yogurt

a friend posted a link to this recipe, and i tried it.  LOVE it! 

my first attempt turned out a bit (ok, a LOT) soupier than store-bought yogurt, but i didn't strain it and we decided kinda like it that way.  it was a lot better than i expected it would be, and i'll be making it again soon.  :)  went soooo well w/ granola (recipe to follow soon!).


  1. Very cool! I've always wanted to make yoghurt (remember all the WIC milk we had just laying around?). And to think I could have just cranked up my crock pot. I tried in an oven, and it rotted. And then I never tried again. However, I feel inspired anew. I also have a granola crock pot recipe, actually two(from "Not your mother's slow cook recipes"). So maybe it's time to whip out the ole crockpot and have a crack at both.

    Definitely need the pictures to follow. ;)

  2. sorry i didn't take pix of the yogurt! i mostly forgot, but mine did turn out mostly the same as the pix on the linked page.

    never thought about doing crockpot granola, but can't wait to hear how yours turns out! :)