Sunday, August 14, 2011

first day of school, ever!

our excited little fella:
our first experience with school went well!  he seemed to have a great time, and was in no hurry to leave when i went to pick him up...  guess that's a good sign, and here's to hoping it's that way each time. 
the day's work was to start on a continent project. looked pretty fun... i wonder if i should join him next week...


  1. Happy tears from Gram -- happy because he looks so happy, tears because he's getting so big too fast!

  2. He looks like such a big boy...can't believe he can go to school! Mamaw sure does miss him!!!

  3. aww Joel starts next week, next year is when the water works are going to start I think because then they will both be in school. Maybe I'll need to volunteer like every day in the classrooms. Ha!