Tuesday, August 9, 2011

yogurt waffles

ever get the feeling i got tired of unpacking?  it was fun to try new recipes, but i suppose i better get back to the boxes.  these bad boys are waiting...  problem:  i know they are full of sweaters and it's been SUPER hot here.  blech.
anyway, i have digressed.  i made these yogurt waffles, and they were a hit!  the recipe is from everyday food (martha stewart) magazine, but i don't know which issue.  i'm a ripper you see - no magazine is safe!

heated up some frozen blackberries and cherries to put on top.
and now, my favorite part - thing 1 and thing 2 gobbling them up!!

wouldn't you know, trying new recipes is on my 101 list.  unpacking should be on there, but it of course is not!


  1. Sounds delicious - I should try making yogurt someday. Love the cute pix of those special things 1 & 2!

  2. Makes me "hungry" to see things 1 & 2...the waffles don't look bad either...and I do know about procrastinating about the unpacking!!! Mom