Thursday, November 3, 2011

mommy, what's that a picture of?

oh, that's a picture of mommy's belly and daddy when baby sister was still inside.

oh (thoughtful face), ok.

12:30pm (aka, "quiet/rest" time):
mommy, my baby was in your belly?

(oh please don't ask me if you were in my belly because i have a kinda big lump in my throat right now.  there are so many important things to get across to you, and i need to find the right words.  EEK!)  yes.

and then she came out like this (wild explosion gesture)? 

yep, pretty much.

oh.  that's nunny, mommy.  hee hee.

(whew, but thinking hard because i know this convo will happen again sometime.)

mommy, was my baby in your belly?

(uh, oh.  i needed a little more time, son.)  yes.


yes, and when she came out she got to be your baby then, too.

oh.  that's nice.  i like my baby.

do you remember when she was sooo little and a tiny baby?

i don't want to talk about that right now.  i'm trying to sleep.  (grin)

ok.  night, night then. 

obviously, got some thinking to do before this cutie asks more questions.  he seems to understand that he was born in korea, but i know he can't grasp it all yet. hopefully we'll have the right words to tell the story when he wants to know more.

hope you're having a thought-provoking day too!


  1. Oh goodness, this brought tears to my eyes. Both for his sweet little heart and yours because you obviously care so, so much. Its touching. You will think of just the right way to explain, I'm sure.

  2. Even though you had shared this with me last week, the words were getting rather blurry by the time I got to the end. We love that precious boy so much, and thank you for bringing him into our lives.

  3. Oh....can SO relate! Brought tears to my eyes reading this. I know you will have the right words, at the right time. Love fills in so many gaps, in these situations, and conversations.

  4. I've been thinking about this post for a couple days now, just considering all the feelings and stuff. And today when I re-read it and got to the end about having the right words, it occurred to me that you and Eric already have the right love, like Darcie already said. And another thing that I've noticed is how sometimes it's hard to anticipate what a kid will notice or think about. My kids flit around the birds and bees talk while I'm on pins and needles, but often if I follow their lead I can give them what they need at that time. I don't know if that's the right approach for something far more serious, but I know that Ryker is in good hands. And for that matter, so are you and Eric! =) Happy days, you good Mommy!

  5. Thanks for all your kind words. :) Kids have a nice way of making a person think about all sorts of things.