Thursday, November 24, 2011

illinois - part 1

it's one of those places i never knew i'd miss until i left. 

a few complaints:
  • chicago deciding elections
  • cold winters
  • hot summers
  • humidity
now that i think about it, none of them have been fixed.  but, there's a new appreciation for humidity and temperature differences.  we have been plowing through chapstick and lotion 'round here!  we moved here in spring, and it was warm.  summer was HOT, and now it's still warm.  winter, anyone?

we were back last week, and totally enjoyed:
  • corn harvest
  • sprouting wheat fields
  • 4-wheeling
  • family
  • outlet mall shopping
  • friends
now, on to the pictures that you've been so patiently waiting for.  (or not?)

girl trip to the spicery tea room in tuscola, and then shopping at the outlet mall -
four-wheeling at the farm -
my tractor lovin' munchkins -
sunday morning serenade -
boo.  time to say g'bye to the leetlest seester and the beegest brother.
the trip continues, but you're gonna hafta wait for the next post to see any more pictures. 
(our pumpkin pie is ready!)


  1. Yay for little get-aways. By the looks of the pictures, it looks like you had a very nice time. Look forward to hearing about the rest of it.

  2. We miss having you here in Illinois, too. How that boy loves tractors - what an adorable face!
    Loved the music we had here, too!