Tuesday, November 1, 2011


started the evening by meeting dad after work at mazzio's pizza.  our favorite is the greek - artichokes, pepperoncini, tomato, feta cheese, mozzerella cheese, black olives, and breaded chicken.  super healthy, we know!  the kiddos aren't huge fans, so they got boring pepperoni.

everyone was a little excited, as you can see:

the aquarium had trick-or-treating, plus activities, so we went there.  it sounded pretty nice to have corporate sponsored candy booths, popcorn, light, warmth, and inflatable things to jump on, so we gave it a try.  success! 

and, there was a mermaid (and 2 others in costume) in the big coral reef tank:

but, not much success on kiddo pix.  we tried really hard to get a good picture of them, but they were so curious about everything.  (and, the lighting was not awesome for picture taking which nixed a lot of our attempts...)



  1. Cute costumes on some super-cute kids! Sounds like yummy pizza and a fun evening.

  2. Looks like a fun evening was had by all...wonderful memories...wish they could have come to Gma's for Trick or Treat!!! Love Mamamw

  3. So fun, the kiddos costumes are adorable! I love trick or treating with our little guys, plus an added bonus is all that candy;) Looks like you had lots of fun.