Saturday, November 5, 2011

why do i enjoy blogging?

  1. it makes me more aware of what's going on.  should i post about this, or this, or that?  or it is too mundane?  or should i keep that to myself?  yep, i'll keep that to myself but maybe i'll share this.  need to remember to take a picture or 2 of that.
  2. i take pictures of things that i normally wouldn't.  let me just take a picture of a picture sitting on my nightstand.  oh, and i need a picture of that receipt.  seriously, though, i take random pictures of the kiddos that i probably otherwise might not take.  looking back in my digital albums, the more recent months are definitely beefier.  and i like that.
  3. i have a little more adult conversation, even if it is monologue.  does that technically count as conversation?  i suppose the comments make it so it does? 
  4. it prompts me to try new things - like recipes, projects, and ideas.  dunno why, but maybe it's just more fun to share new experiences with someone else?  it's also inspiration to see new things posted on other blogs.
  5. it connects me with other people that i might not otherwise keep in touch with. 
  6. it's a journal of day-to-day things that i can refer to if i ever when i get caught up on photo albums again. 
  7. relatives who are not-so-near seem to enjoy the kidlet updates, and i like to share them. 
  8. i love your comments
  9. there's no schedule.  i can spout off when the urge strikes, and keep quiet when it doesn't.  of course, then i just have excess pressure in my head.  so, usually, i write up a quick post.
  10. surely there's a 10th reason?  hmmm.  since i'm no longer working employed for pay, blogging helps me keep up with some technology.  i can still type, and can still navigate the internet.  i'm getting a little toooo efficient at dishwasher-and-laundry-turn-around-time, so it's good to spread myself in other directions.


  1. I too enjoy blogging for many of the reasons you listed above, and when I got a little stressed this past week, I found when I sat to write down just the one helped. Writing is an outlet for me, and I love that my family will be able to look back on it as a memory book when they get older. :) Glad I met you in blogging land.

  2. I love this post, and I can echo your sentiments, although you wrote it much better than I could've. In fact, I think I will link to this post in the next few days (with your permission of course). Also, I wanted to tell you that your post about your son asking about the pregnancy photo touched me deeply. You are a wonderful mom and have a beautiful family!

  3. A fun read, Jen! And I agree. I notice that I take more pictures of the kids school work or some activity that they are doing. We're recently working on cross stitching, and I think "I gotta take a picture!" But I do have some random stuff hanging out in my photos that never made it to the blog, and they crack me up when I see them. And I'm so glad that you are a good blogger, because I love, love, LOVE to see you with your kids! I forced Shane to check out blogs with me the other night, and it was fun to see how he perked up when we got to yours. =) And we might get to see you soon, I'll email. =D

  4. @ Darcie - Writing was something that was easy for me in school, but I never enjoyed it. Now, I guess I'm learning to. :) It is a good outlet!

    @ Troy + Youngin - Link away! Can't wait to read the post.

    @ Melita - Hope it works out, and I'll be checking my email. :) I've got plenty of pictures hiding, too. Most of them are not fit for posting, but I enjoy them nonetheless!

  5. Grandma LOVES the blog and all the things that I am missing in Oklahoma! It sure helps me in the "missing the family" line. I can't ever get the posting to work, so you just don't know all the comments that are linked to the blog. You do a great job in the Mom Department and the blogging...keep up the good work!!!!