Thursday, November 3, 2011

schlotzsky's, take 2.

when we can eat an inexpensive meal out, we usually do! 
especially here, because it's one of daddy's faves. 
kid's meals are .99 on tuesday evenings anyway, and we had a buy one/get one for the bigger kids:

if mama wouldn't have been so thirsty for a coke, we could've come in under $10!  still, though, it's nifty to save more than you pay once in a while.

plus, do you see that survey on the bottom? we've got a couple of these babies recently, so i think i foresee another schlotzsky's outing in our future. 

i guess we'll save it for another week, though.  it'll be nice to eat at home on this chilly evening.


  1. Okay, the next time I'm in Broken Arrow, we HAVE to eat here, whether it's .99 kids Tues or not!

  2. We love Schlotzsky's too! Awesome to know about Tuesday nights. Just wish our closest one wasn't 35 minutes away.

  3. Check before you go, bc I think the kid's night price is a restaurant by restaurant promotion.

  4. These kind of deals are always awesome! Love it!

  5. ~smiling~...only because of your coke! The silly soda's will always put you over, huh? Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up however.

  6. Yep. I figure that there are plenty of vices I don't use, so I'm okay with my coke habit. :)