Monday, November 28, 2011

illinois - part 2

part 2 = back and forth, from here to there and everywhere! 
saw lots of people, but took too few pictures as seems to always be the case... 

lunch (and playtime!) at laura's -

omelets for breakfast a la uncle nate -  

back to the woods in time to watch a little buck in the drive -
(and regret that the season opens in the morning...) 

thing 1's first hunting trip w/papaw -

a little decorating/emptying boxes project with mom -
(now, why can't i get going on these sorts of projects at my own house?!?)

an early thanksgiving dinner at papa & gram's -
daddy with a cutie pie:
 and, daddy with a little boy who fell asleep on his mama's lap while asking for more jello:
sadly, we didn't take any pictures of the cousins playing together. 
happily, we all survived the family photo session.

ahhhh.  so good to see our families and spend time together.  miss you all.

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  1. Was wonderful having you all here. Lots of special memories!