Wednesday, August 29, 2012


special days in lots of ways, but this is a little of what i could capture with my camera.  :)
our newest cousin with her papaw john

giving thomas a pretend bath
trying to get a pic of the cousins in their matching clothes.  someone was NOT interested in having her hair done or being friendly for the pictures, and someone else was NOT interested in being at all cooperative either... hmm.  how come the pictures always catch MY kids being goofy?
they made up for it later, tho.  isn't this sooo sweet?
never fear, the silliness always comes right back!  poor caleb doesn't look quite as excited as he apparently should...
the whole family - minus 1 soon-to-be-daddy.
again, quite the cooperation with pictures.  :)


  1. No matter what, they're still two of the cutest kids ever!! Is there any way I can get a 5x7 of the hugging pic? Nice group photos. Sure missed being there with all of you.

    1. Yep, you can. I'm ordering one of those for my wall too!