Monday, August 20, 2012

more play time!

since more park time = more nap cousin time, we decided to spend another day at the park.  it was a perfect day weather-wise, so we picked up a pizza and kept the mess outside.  :)
i think she looks like her daddy here.  anyone else?

fun times on the swings.  every one of these kids loves 'em.

the pouty face is more about being dirty than the actual fall.  after being wiped off, she still wouldn't be discouraged from riding the "round and round" with the bigger kids.

another day, we had some playtime with our buddies.  it was another awesome temperature day!

loved, loved, loved seeing everyone.
we're all back home now, and on to the next adventure - unpacking.
you know i'm doing laundry today... what's going on in your world?

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