Thursday, August 16, 2012

meeting our newest cousin,

and her first "girl" outing.  all the brothers were there, but no daddies - so we're counting it as girlie fun since there are so many boys it's hard to get away without any of them these days.

however, we all love the chaos and the perfect mix of kiddos.  we know we're going to be so sad when they're all grown up, so we're happy to have them.  (at least, that's what we tell ourselves when it's lunchtime and we all want to go out.)  they keep us laughing, and have a fun time together. 


just three tries to catch a still picture  :)

the most hilarious spelling on our bill

we asked for:  mac & cheese
a cheese quesadilla (quesadilla con queso)
chicken fajitas (fajitas pollo)

took advantage of the best weather we've had in a looooong time at the park after lunch.  spent our time looking at baby and playing til we were totally exhausted.  a good day!

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  1. She's lovely and gorgeous! I love how baby girl's at the park when she's that little. Things are much less worrisome when Mom's been there a time or two! Tamara looks so great, so the SAME! Hope we get to see them in Oct... and we'll be stopping in on you guys, too, if you'll have us! =)