Friday, August 3, 2012

summer card

once a month, i am forced to make some cards.  no, really, i like it!  :)  it's part of a card swap that we do thru the mail, and it's like opening presents when those packages of fun cards come!

it's not always super convenient because there is always something going on, but i love that it makes me sit down and work on something fun at least once a month.  and, making 7 cards doesn't take too long! 

besides, how fun is it to have a stash of cute handmade cards just sitting there ready to go?!?  i'm happy to report that i've actually been inspired by the stack of cards sitting here, and i wrote a few!  now, to work on being on time for events like birthdays!  (ha.)

this is the card i made for this round of swaps - from a fun little pack of paper that came free with a scrapbooking crop i did at archiver's a looooong time ago.


  1. Love the paper and flip flop stamp!!! My girls would have fun with it. We just got Archivers here, exciting!!!!

  2. I love that card. You are so talented Jen.