Wednesday, August 15, 2012

o-hi-o, it's off to work he goes

a pretty drive thru the smokies on our way from TN to OH!

got to stop and see some family, plus gobble up some prettttty yummy italian food with them.  some of us like to share some when we give kisses...
(thx for the pic, bc i kinda borrowed it.)

it was just too much of a coincidence that the outlet mall where we got back on the interstate had a really nice playground, and a pottery barn store... a good time for all.  *wink*
we all had a late night because the kiddos had a blast watching the olympics with us.  the floor routines performed by the gymnasts in our room were done with much more emotion and pizazz, tho.  :)
snuggle bugs & best buddies

the next morning, we left daddy to do his work, and we went on to see the other grandparents in illinois.  good thing there was something else fun to look forward to, bc leaving daddy wasn't such a hit...

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